Supernova Energy was awarded two-year extensions to Stage 2 of the JVA on Block 7B, Garoupa and Stage 1 of the JVA on Block 7C, Cor Cor.

  • 1 October 2022

October 2022

Supernova Energy was awarded a two-year extension to Stage 2 of the JVA on Block 7B, Garoupa.

The extension has been fully ratified and gazetted. Stage 3 of the Licence term, which will include a drilling commitment, is now scheduled to begin October 2024.

Supernova Energy was awarded a two-year extension to Stage 1 of the JVA for Block 7C, Cor Cor.

The extension has been fully ratified and gazetted. Block 7C Stage 2 (3D seismic stage) is now scheduled to begin October 2024. The initial 2D commitment for the first two years has been completed.


Supernova awarded Block 7C exploration licence, Guinea-Bissau & Supernova Block 7B exploration licence extended for two years, Guinea-Bissau

  • 2 October 2020

2nd October 2020
Supernova Energy was awarded the Côr Côr exploration licence (Block 7C) offshore Guinea-Bissau.

Supernova (90 %) and Petroguin, the State Oil company (10%), have been awarded a new exploration licence in the 7000 km2 block 7C in Guinea-Bissau, adjacent to Block 7B, where the two companies already have an exploration licence (see below). Multiple significant Mid/ Upper Cretaceous leads have already been identified from existing 2D coverage. The licence has a two-year Stage 1 with a 1000 km 2D infill seismic work commitment.

Supernova granted a two-year extension to the Garoupa licence, Block 7B in Guinea-Bissau

Supernova (90%) and Petroguin (10%) have been granted a two-year extension to Stage 2 of the Garoupa lIcence in the 8,000 km2 block 7B in Guinea-Bissau. The 3D seismic work commitment of this stage has been fulfilled. From the 2300 km2 3D seismic multiple significant Mid/Upper Cretaceous prospects have been worked up and analysed in depth. Some of these leads exhibit a pronounced AVO-response and their (unrisked) size is in the multi-billion barrel range.

Block 7B and 7C lie adjacent to each other in the highly prospective deepwater Guinea Plateau Basin, in the southern MSGBC Basin. The basin is conjugate to the prolific Demerara High in Guyana/Surinam, where ExxonMobil, Hess, CNOOC, Apache and Total have discovered over 7 billion bbl recoverable oil to date. The same source rock system (Canje equivalent) is expected to apply to both conjugate basins.

Supernova Energy awarded two year extension and improved fiscal terms, 7B

  • 20 October 2017

Supernova Energy and PetroGuin have been awarded a two year extension to the Second Stage of the Block 7B Group JVA, effective August 2017. The Extension has been fully ratified by the Guinea Bissau government and gazetted in the formal government publications. Stage 2 has a 3D seismic commitment, which is fulfilled. Supernova plan to carry out further 3D studies in the block with a view to building a larger Joint Venture ahead of the drilling commitment (Stage 3) after two years. There is currently strong interest in the deepwater Guinea Bissau area (the Guinea Plateau), with large-caps and super majors taking exploration acreage immediately north and south, and large hydrocarbon discoveries to the north. Across the Atlantic companies are successfully drilling in Surinam and Guyana, in geological basins thought to be previously conjugate with the Guinea Plateau.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has also ratified an amendment to the JVA improving the fiscal terms on the JVA. Overall corporate taxes and royalty have been reduced, improving company take and the overall fiscal regime in this frontier basin.

Supernova complete a major new prospectivity study over Block 7B
Supernova has recently completed a major new proprietary study, carried out by Beagle Geoscience. This new prospectivity study has integrated data and petroleum systems elements over the entire deepwater Guinea Bissau basin, resulting in a more comprehensive and coherent evaluation. The new Prospect Inventory benefits from the holistic approach to the basin as well as the block.

Supernova is about to finalise new 3D Seismic data

  • 31 March 2014

Supernova is currently finalising a full interpretation of 3D Seismic data that was shot and processed in 2013. Polarcus acquired 2400 sq km 3D with a modern 10 streamer vessel, and the data were processed through PSTM by DUG in London. Xodus are working through the interpretation, and Supernova will integrate the results with regional studies and basin modelling.

Supernova plans to farm out a majority share of its equity in Block 7B, Guinea Bissau

  • 13 May 2011

Supernova is currently finalising a full re-interpretation and analysis of the prospectivity of Block 7B, offshore Guinea Bissau and is seeking interested parties to take a majority interest in the block.